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Helping Hands Grant

$1,000 Grant

Helping Hands thrives to pay blessings forward. Applicants will receive a $1,000 Helping Hands Grant! Applicants can apply monthly!

What Are the Requirements?

• Under 50 employees/staff
• Under $150,000 annual profit
• Required EIN/TIN
• Or 501(c)3 with a matching SSN
• Company must be older than one year

Tell us about your business, the communities you serve and especially the dreams you have. No need to mess with time consuming and boring paperwork.

Appreciation Grant

Just for participating, all applicants who apply and register for the yearly grant are automatically entered into an guaranteed chance to win the $5,000 Helping Hands Appreciation Grant.

Helping Hands Housing!

Applying is quick and easy

Helping Hands serves our communities with affordable alternative housing solutions and group home beds starting as low as $750/month. Contact us directly to see how we can accommodate your housing needs.


Make a Difference

When you support businesses, you support your communities


About Helping Hands

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Helping Hands was blessed with funding that completely shifted the momentum for us. After receiving this incredible gift, Helping Hands Services has expanded and seek to pay it forward with grant, housing, and business opportunities to grow and develop communities!

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